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Professional Landscaping in Hobart

We want your landscaping in Hobart to be an enjoyable opportunity to enhance the land around your home. Our experience can help you create the property of your dreams, whether you want a secret garden or a massive outdoor entertainment area. Learn how we can help you achieve your goals.


Professional C.A.D. optional 

Landscaper’s Services and Creating the Design You Want

Our ability to move earth and create walls begins the transformation of your property into a new environment. There are elements of design you should consider as you start your project. Learn some items we advise you to keep in mind before you begin any landscaping project design.

  • Decide if you want a contemporary or traditional look or something you create yourself. Will your landscape design blend well with your current home? Is it symmetric or more interesting with an asymmetric look? Whichever style you choose will influence the flow of movement around your landscape. The paths and walkways can curve or be straight. Choosing the material to create these walkways means using natural elements or laying brick, stone, or wood.

  • Creating focal points adds interest to your landscape. We can build a fire pit in the middle of a circular backyard area or add steps to a retaining wall, which will take you to a landscaped area on an upper level. A simple birdbath can act as a focal point near a retaining wall, or a waterfall can attract attention and keep street noise at bay. Your choices are numerous, and we can work with you to achieve any of them.

  • A more subtle reminder is to pay attention to the transitions from one area to the next. A wild floral bed may beg for a quiet walkway to the outdoor dining area. The simple path makes you feel like you're moving from one room to another.

How Our Excavating Services Help Your Project

Excavating prepares the ground for any construction project you plan. We have the equipment to move dirt and level the surface before work begins since removing excess soil can be time-consuming for you. Learn how we can help in almost all your projects.

  • Site preparation is one of our essential services. We excel at preparing the ground by removing trees and their stumps or moving the earth for a retaining wall.

  • Your project may require digging ditches for water and gas lines. We handle hard-to-reach locations using our machinery for these projects.

  • If you add walkways or a new driveway, our excavation team can prepare the property by levelling the ground or removing debris or existing structures.


Precision Operators are Your Best Bet

Your decision to enhance your yard with beautiful hardscapes (handmade features) and landscaping is in good hands when you contact us. We handle everything from delicate machine work to post-build clean-up, and our professionalism and commitment to communication make it an easy choice to call us.

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