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Retaining Walls

Upgrading your yard can add to your house's value and give you and your family more outdoor access. We build retaining walls in Hobart to suit your every need. Learn how our years of experience translate into beautiful results for your home.


What to Look for When Choosing Retaining Wall Builders in Hobart

Our company has years of experience in building, landscaping, and machine work that provides well-rounded service. Not only is our work exceptional, but you'll also find our focus on the customer the best in the industry. Discover why many clients choose us when researching the best company to build a retaining wall.

  • While doing your research, ask for an estimate. An estimate will provide you with the material costs and specifications on what to expect. We will provide proof of our licensing and liability insurance. We will discuss with you if permits are required and what responsibility we have in obtaining them.

  • Ask us for references. Exceptional work means excellent references. We are happy to provide you with testimonials from past clients. We are proud of our work and want every customer to be satisfied with the result. Because we are an established firm, we have an established track record of projects from our previous clients.

  • Request a written contract. The best way forward is to have all expectations set ahead of time. We want you to know the warranties we offer and the products used. We will give you a timeline for completion, payment agreements, and our clean-up routines.

What Type of Retaining Wall Can We Build for You?

Retaining walls are ideal for preventing erosion and reducing flooding risk, and they also add aesthetic features. Let us help you choose the type of wall you want to install.

  • If you want a sleek design, combine a wall with flower beds that can add variety and pop with colour. Using rocks and boulders in the wall will allow the wall to blend with the environment and add a rustic look.

  • Most retaining walls abut a sloped area. We can add steps in the wall to allow access to an upper level. We can also add wall seating to provide extra space to entertain. We could incorporate a firepit and build a wall around it.

  • There is no better way to add space to your patio than extending it with a retaining wall. If the patio ends at the roof line, we can push the area into the yard, add a retaining wall, and build a fire pit in front of the wall. The options are endless, and we are ready to make your dream yard come true.


Precision Operators at Your Service

Our business is creating beautiful backyards and gardens. Whether you’re updating your front garden or creating a new entertaining space in your backyard, we provide the tools to carry out the project and the know-how to bring it to life. We look forward to working with you.

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